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Maintaining the Tradition
Since 1926
(II Thess. 2:15)

Since 1926, thousands of people have received spiritual instruction and edification from the Ministry of Landis Baptist Church. This has been a result of the intentional outreach efforts of this local congregation. Now in addition to cassette tapes, CDs, radio broadcasting, VBS, Revival meetings, personal visitation and financial support of Missions our outreach includes this website and YOU!!! What an open door!!! Please know that as we step through this door to you, we do so with an outstretched hand of welcome.

Of course as a church, we want to "rehearse all that God" has done with us (Acts 14:27)and bring glory to him by introducing ourselves to you, but as a church that believes in Rapture, the Tribulation and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, we know that we are under obligation to use this opportunity to reach the world with his gospel of Grace.

Therefore, this website has a two-fold purpose:

1) to point the lost to Jesus Christ as the only means of salvation

2) to confirm and strengthen believers in the faith

Our prayer for you as we visit together is that the Holy Spirit would bless the time that we spend with each other. Please feel free to browse the site in its entirety and leave us feedback as to how we are doing.

Thank You,
Landis Baptist Church

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