Sunday School


Welcome to Sunday School

At LBC Sunday School we strive to have an atmosphere of studying and learning God's word. There is a class available for all ages where biblical fellowship is encouraged. Please plan to attend o­ne of the classes that best suites your age and needs.

There are presently four separate departments of Sunday school.

Two Pre-School Classes, ages 2-5
Four Children's Classes, 1st - 5th grades
Four Youth Classes, 6th - 12th grades
Nine Adult Classes

Sunday morning starts off with an opening assembly at 9:45am. There is an adult assembly upstairs in the main auditorium and a children's assembly in the downstairs auditorium. Sunday school follows at 10:00am in various classes.

If you are new to Landis please ask for directions to the class that you would like to attend. There is a place for you.

Statement Of Purpose

"If it is to be, It is up to me!"

Acknowledging the prestigious past success of the Sunday School ministry at LBC, we have a firm foundation upon which to base our future. Therefore, we intentionally take the responsibility to ensure that the church of tomorrow will inherit a Sunday School of spiritual excellence.
In order to assure that we accomplish this undertaking, we determine the goal of our Sunday School to be four-fold:

1. To lead the lost of all ages to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ

2. To help people of all ages learn God's work, and apply it to their life

3. To cultivate Christian fellowship among believers of all ages

4. To provide opportunities for Christian service to people of all ages

Sunday School History

The Sunday school was started in 1926, but the first records we have are of 1928 with an enrollment of 150. During the year of 1929 the enrollment increased by 118 members with an average attendance of 225. Up until 1933 the Sunday school continued to increase in number. From the years of 1933-1937 the Sunday school seemed to decrease in number, but in 1938 with a more spiritual atmosphere and more interest it began to grow o­nce again to an enrollment of 394. During the years of 1938-1941 we were unable to accommodate all that attended the Sunday school because of the lack of room. With the leadership of the pastor and the deacons we were able to move into the new Sunday school building in 1942. With more adequate space to accommodate the people, we began to departmentalize the Sunday school. In the years 1942-1948, the Sunday school seemed to hold its own although there was not a great increase in membership. During 1949 there was even a greater enthusiasm shown in the Sunday school with 511 enrolled. The enrollment seemed to increase by leaps and bounds with a record enrollment of 844 in 1952. The year 1955 was our greatest year of average attendance with 640 average attendance. With many members leaving to organize two other churches, the membership of the Sunday school remained with an average attendance of around 450.

Current records in 2015 show an average attendance of 150.

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